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Within this collection are nine stories by Jim Pahz. In addition, there are five stories developed from novels Jim co-authored with his wife, Cheryl.
Lucky tells of a hospital encounter with a patient who considers himself a fortunate man, even though life has left him anxious and chronically depress. 
In Waiting for Witnesses we glimpse one couple and how they each regard a monthly visit from the Jehovah's Witnesses. 
The Secret is about three twelve-year-old boys who commit a shocking act of violence while away at summer camp. 
In Cotton Balls a man goes postal and guns down employees at a local establishment. 
Easter Surprise describes a child's first encounter with anti-Semitism. 
In Breathing Birdland a college professor walks out on his wife and family on Thanksgiving Day. He signs on to a computer dating service. 

These and other stories represent an assortment of topics and characters. All explore the human condition and the complications of living together-as friends, spouses and families. If we learn anything from these stories, it's that you don't always get dumplings and it's never a good idea to poke a sleeping bear.