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McAngel was originally published by Stone Cottage Press in 2009.  A new edition will be published by Lighthouse Christian Publishing in 2012. McAngel is available at www.amazon.com


McAngel is the story of a young married couple, Ben and Julie Pearson, who live in Florida.  The Pearsons are busy with their lives, working at careers and trying (unsuccessfully) to start a family. They often grab a quick meal at McDonalds where they frequently speak with a homeless man named Billy. They feel sorry for Billy because he is disabled, unkempt, and usually speaks nonsense, such as claiming to be an angel.


Ben and Julie have an uncle who lives close by and is dying of cancer.  One day the uncle makes an unusual request. He asks them to go to Michigan on his behalf and return a broken cemetery headstone to its rightful place.  He had stolen the broken headstone when he was a teenager. It was an impulsive act that he regretted, and he had always planned to one day return the headstone. Now his time has run out and he is overcome with remorse.


Ben and Julie promise to return the headstone, and when the uncle dies they are faced with the challenge of keeping their word. They share their situation with Billy, to get an “angel’s” perspective.  Billy repeatedly urges the Pearsons to go to Michigan and return the headstone. For over a year Ben and Julie procrastinate, with Billy constantly reminding them of their obligation.  Finally they can’t put it off any longer, and drive to Mount Pleasant, Michigan with the headstone in the trunk of their car.